New Mod.

Ok people, so...

I know I've been a lousy mod lately, so to help me improve, my lovely imotou saori_seiya has offered to take on a co-mod spot and try to keep this com up to date (so that things actually get posted on time).

Basically now, it'll be either of us who will post the challenges, polls and announce winners. I'll still be making the banners and will remain a mod, but now if you've got something you'd like to say you can also say it to her (since I'm not around all the time anymore, but she is) XD

Dead line

Just a friendly reminder.

This challenge (Distance) will end on the 28th, when I'll be posting the poll for all of you to vote your favorite.

So if you want to get an entry in, you better crack your whip on your muses, people! ^^
it beats inside

(no subject)

Title: untitled
Challenge: 4, 'distance'
Word Count: 100
Series: fire candy
Pairings/Characters: haru (ryoki?)
Rating: T
Warnings: drug use, implied something or other. swearing.
Author’s Notes: lol.

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