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Alright... winner of the last challenge was me... thank you to everyone who participated and voted.

And so here's our new challenge:

Challenge 4: Distance

~~How it works:~~

First join XD Membership is open to anyone! Feel free to join, even if you don't want to post.

Then keep an eye open because once a week, on Sunday (sometime before 11pm CST), a new challenge will be posted. You have one week to post as many drabbles using the prompt as you like.

~~The rules:~~

  • 1) Drabbles must be exactly 100 words long (or a multiple thereof*). They must also still be a story. Therein lies the challenge.

  • 2) Drabbles must feature at least one character from the fandom of your choosing. Het, gen, slash, crossovers, yuri, shoujo-ai, limes, and lemons are all accepted. Just please for the mod's mind sake don't post yaoi. Any anime/manga and pairings are allowed even if they are yaoi based, but your drabble may not include graphic sexual M/m content. F/m and F/F however are perfectly alright specially the latter

  • 3) Members may post as many drabbles per challenge as they like. More than two in the same post must be behind an lj cut.

  • 4) Please label each drabble with a title, pairing, and rating. Please lj cut and label if the drabble is rated NC-17.

  • 5) The best way to post your drabbles is following the example:

    Title: (Title of your drabble)
    Challenge: (The challenge you are posting for)
    Word Count: (100 or multiple of such)
    Series: (Please do tell which series your drabble is from)
    Pairings/Characters: (Whichever you choose)
    Rating: (Rating system. If you use anything other than G-NC-17 please list in your author notes what the system means)
    Warnings: (Any warnings about your drabble)
    Author’s Notes: (Anything else you want to add)

  • 6) Advertising for other communities, no matter how related, is not allowed without prior permission from volk_krosh You can email inexistente0 AT hotmail DOT com or comment on any of my posts; I'm not hard to get a hold of. Offending posts will be deleted and offenders banned.

  • 7)Play nice. It may be silly to think I need to say this, but no flaming.

  • 8) Spell check, please! Before posting your drabble make sure to spell check it. P0oStInG |1k3 7H1s 1s No07 A||0w39. It honestly gives me a headache and not a light one.

  • 9) That's it! Have fun and drabble away!

  • If you break the rules specially the Yaoi banning one I'll delete your post and give you spankings. Not the fun kind, either.

  • *Drabbles are stories that are exactly 100 words long. Short stories that are some other multiple of 100 are also allowed here, though they must be labeled as such. For example, if your story is 200 words long, label it a double drabble, 300, triple drabble, and 400, quadruple drabble. Anything longer just label it as a fanfic if you exceed the 1000 words, the multiples of 100 rule is out. Fanfics are welcomed here

    ~~Your friendly mod~~

    volk_krosh is the one, if you have a challenge idea or would like to get a hold of me all you need to do is email me at inextstente0 AT hotmail DOT com or comment on any of my posts.


    If you wish to affiliate with this community please do let the mod know and it will be done!
    The first challenge being to find the rules of submission for this group. Going back to the earliest post, the mod said:

    "All the normal comm rules are included in this. No word limits. If you're submitting something, make the subject of the post [Contest #1 Entry], please.

    Yet elsewhere I've seen comments about word counts being required to be a multiple of 100. Could someone kindly point me towards the relevant info?

    Ta muchly. Till then I'll just noodle around for something squickulicious.
    Poll #999233 Challenge 3

    First Vote

    Second Vote

    Title: At night
    Challeneg: #3 Torture
    Word Count: 300
    Series: Noir
    Pairing: Chloe/Althena
    Rating: T (I think)

    At night... every nightCollapse )
    Title: Fate
    Challeneg: #3 Torture
    Word Count: 100
    Series: NANA
    Pairings/Characters: Osaki Nana, Honjo Ren
    Rating: PG
    Author's Note: The usual spiel- I don't own NANA or any of the characters therein. I suck at drabbles, so sorry if this isn't exactly how it's supposed to be. Watched Ep. 44, this pairing just gets me where other Het pairings never do.

    Do you ever feel this quietness inside? That is where you'll find me. You cannot erase me.Collapse )
    I've been a bad mod...

    So you're all free to drop me an online flogging, cause I kind of deserve it... but since it was my fault no winner was chosen for the last challenge, I offer all of those who wrote a drabble a pretty (or as pretty as I can make it) banner...

    And now, the third challenge...

    Challenge 3: Torture
    Title: Forgive me father for I have sinned
    Challenge: #2 - Anger
    Word Count: 500
    Series: Mai HiME I guess...
    Pairings/Characters: Whichever this fits to you. Probably Nao or Natsuki or Shizuru... take your pick
    Rating: M
    Author's note: This just came to me in the spur of the moment, and I'll blame it on how I feel right now and the kinds of songs I'm listening too, but it doesn't exactly have a fandom, its much more of an original story, but I guess you can fit it into any fandom you want. Sorry if any of you are religious (specially catholic) because this might offend you, but its not meant to be offensive to anyone.

    Extra note: Re-reading it I believe you could also fit it into Furuba, and it would probably fit Akito (or it does in my mind)

    Forgive me Father for I have sinnedCollapse )
    Quick announcement everyone...

    There's a 24 hours extension on the deadline in case anyone feels like entering this contest still...
    Congratulations to projectraven!!!

    Very good work ^^

    And for our second challenge of the year... the prompt is : [[Anger]]

    And since I can see we're lacking some participation... C'mon ppl!!

    I'll try to pimp the community on those comms I'm in to see if maybe that way we get some more members and works, because as much as we may all enjoy reading other's work, there has to be someone else who writes it, right?.

    I hope more of you come along and start writing, lets try to pick the community back up!